The Daily News find more sex at the sexy school where two sexy female teachers (pictured) romped! Now another sexy teacher is accused of... stuff... with a student.

James Madison High School in Midwood boasts graduates like Senator Chuck Schumer and baseballer Frank Torre. But, thanks to two of the News' resident Brits, Christina Boyle and Joe Jackson (and someone called Brendan Brosh) it will now be remembered for sexiness.

Yesterday it was revealed that two language teachers had allegedly been found "undressed" together in a classroom. Today we find that another teacher, also somewhat hot, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with (male) students. Allison Musacchio, 31, who seems to take her title 'social studies instructor' somewhat literally, is under investigation after over 200 sexy texts and sexy calls between her and a student were found on her sexy phone. She'd been investigated for similar antics before. She denied it to a neighbor though:

She said, 'Absolutely not,'" the neighbor said. "She said, 'Are you crazy? With my Greek background, I would never do something like that. I have morals and respect.

Do Greeks have a particular moral code about sex with students? Anyway; expect to find a full-blown orgy in progress by the time tomorrow's paper comes out.