If the amount of money someone sues Sacha Baron Cohen for reflects how pissed off they are about him making them look stupid on camera, then this Palestinian is by far the most pissed off. He's suing for $110 million.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Palestinian shopkeeper Ayman Abu Aita filed a $110 million libel lawsuit against both SBC and David Letterman's production company because Cohen gave an interview on "Late Night" where he called Abu Aita a "terrorist". He and Letterman were talking about a scene in "Bruno" where Bruno interviews a "terrorist" at his home. However, Abu Aita claims he is a "peace-loving person who abhors violence," and that his reputation was ruined after the movie came out. On the other hand, the Alabama preacher who tried to convert Bruno to straight-dom is attempting to ride his new-found fame all the way to the mayor's office of his small town. [THR]

•With her cable network, Oprah is looking to do for documentaries what her book club did for William Faulkner novels: She's launching a documentary film club. The films will initially have "inspirational themes," so when your mother starts gushing about some documentary about underprivileged youth in 2011, blame Oprah. [THR]

Chris Weitz, director of "New Moon," has come to the defense of the Illinois girl who's facing up to three years in prison for videotaping part of his film. According to The Wrap, Weitz wrote "Needless to say, the case seems to me terribly unfair and I would like to do what I can to address this." He then turned into a werewolf, broke into the girl's cell and took her to a castle where they made out. [The Wrap]

•Can you guess the premise behind the new speed-dating reality show on ABC called "Conveyor Belt of Love?" 30 men rotate on a conveyor belt in front of five women and are given a minute to talk to them before being whisked away forever. This would be about a thousand times more interesting if there was a fire at the end of the conveyor belt. [Variety]

Johnny Depp does not watch his own movies. The Wrap reports that Johnny Depp recommended his new film "Public Enemies" to an audience in Tokyo by saying "I haven't seen the film yet, but I hear great things about it." Douche-y, or kind of awesome? [The Wrap]

Cameron Diaz first won our hearts in the raunch-fest that is "There's Something About Mary." Now she's returning to her gross roots with "Bad Teacher," which is about a "foulmouthed, gold-digging middle teacher." [Variety]

•'Glee' fans: Idina Menzel, the Tony award-winning "Wicked" star, is in negotiations to appear in the final nine episodes of the season as the coach of McKinley High's arch-rivals. [THR]