John Koblin reports that Jennifer 8. Lee, New York Times Metro reporter, Twitter enthusiast, and master of the trend story, is taking a buyout. Shocking. Below, an internal staff memo that went out this afternoon honoring the Metro section's departed.

December 9, 2009
The Last Metro

More than 80 years of experience is leaving when we say goodbye to
Ralph Blumenthal, Nicole Collins, Paul Nielsen, Tina Kelley and Jenny
8. Lee. Join us in a toast at 6 p.m. in the Page One conference room.

Ralph Blumenthal, who had not come close to exhausting his appetite
for reporting in all corners of this city, and Nicole Collins, who had
barely begun to taste the huge success she was so clearly destined
for, have opted to take the buyout. So, too, has Paul Nielsen, the
tough minded and deeply smart stalwart of Metro's copy desk. Tina
Kelley, Metro's poet laureate and one of The Local's brave pioneers,
will also be leaving us. She has a great next gig in hand, and so
while her decision filled me with a mix of respect and regret, that
bit of news allows me to be thrilled for her, too. Then there's Jenny
8. Lee, who has spent the last two years as one of the creative and
daring and agile brains behind City Room, and her instincts and
inventiveness have helped make it the second most popular blog in our

In some ways, of course, it breaks your heart. But I also believe, for
all of them, the decision in many ways must make real sense.

Anyway, amid all the ambivalence - in their souls, in our hearts -
there is certainty: all of them are treasures, and they deserve a real
tribute. Please, then, join us at 6 p.m. Wednesday to give praise,
have a pop, and hear a tale or two - about their time here, or their
adventures ahead.

It'll be in the Page One conference room.

Joe [Sexton, Metro Editor]