While the rest of us have to wait until tonight's bullshit finale to find out who won Top Chef, People magazine told everyone who picks up a copy on the news stand today. Don't worry, we won't ruin it.

Thanks to a tip-off from Gawker alum Richard Lawson, we know that Page 134 of the December 21 issue (the one with Tiger's wife on the cover) shows the above picture with the winner hugging Tom Colicchio and Padma's bad idea bangs. The copy refers to the person in the picture as the "reigning Top Chef champ" and the photo caption says "[the winner]...beat out [the losers]." There is also a recipe for Bell Pepper Couscous with Tomato-Harissa Broth. Don't make it. If you eat it, you will be able to tell the future, but all your friends will hate you for revealing events before they occur.

We're not going to tell you the results of the show, because that would kill the fun of tonight's live blog here on Gawker, but if you are really dying to know, get down to your local magazine dealer and look for yourself.

The picture that they ran is courtesy of Bravo, and it is not yet on Bravo's press website, so that means someone at the network had to release it to People. Didn't they realize the December 21 issue would come out well before December 21? Or maybe they didn't care because it would only be on the stands for a day before we find out who won. We wish People was a blog so a million commenters could leave "thanks for the spoiler alert assholes" under the article. Just so they knew what it's like.