Funny little thing that Tiger Woods would probably get a chuckle out of, if he wasn't in such a bad mood these days: The more we see Tiger's face on TV, the less we see him in TV commercials. Relief!

In a big coincidence totally unrelated to unnamed outside events, whatever those might be, all the companies that paid Tiger millions upon millions of dollars to endorse their products have collectively lost interest in telling you, the consumer, that their products are officially approved by Tiger Woods. Bloomberg reports:

The last prime-time ad featuring the 33-year-old golfer was a 30-second Gillette Co. spot on Nov. 29, according to New York- based Nielsen. Woods also was absent from ads on a number of weekend sports programs, including NFL games, Nielsen said.

Also amusing is the fact that pretty much every company says no, there has been no change in our Tiger Woods endorsement deals, what are you talking about? Although the frequency of their ad buys may have declined, yes. To zero.

We advised Tiger to just get back to playing that good old golf, and things will work out for him. But PR man Mike Paul tells the NYT, "But he cannot just remain silent, out of sight. He should have done a one-on-one interview within the first 24 to 48 hours. He should have done something like Oprah, and he needs to do it - that type of interview - and soon."

But Mike Paul, if Tiger's wife is beating him about the head with a golf club as he attempts to speak to Oprah, does that not negatively impact the man's "image?" Think about it. Just play that golf, Tiger. The media is just waiting to EAT YOU ALIVE. (More so).

[And yes Gatorade is canceling its weird Tiger drink, but they already decided that a long time ago. What was that all about anyhow? 'Fruit punch' flavor Gatorade was good enough for Gene Sarazen and it's good enough for you, by gum. Pic: Getty]