Whoo boy: Things got steamy on the Rachel Maddow Show tonight, as Maddow faced off with Richard Cohen, the "ex-gay" "psychotherapist" who claims gays can choose to be straight. It's the heavy-weight homo showdown you've been waiting for!

In this corner:

The grand doyenne of liberal demagoguery... the way gay Ray who thinks Tom Delay is lame... a feisty fighter with a hook that swings way to the left... RACHEL MADDOW!!!!


Maddow has been prepping for this fight for days, ever since a proposed Ugandan anti-gay bill that would make homosexuality punishable by death became one of her show's pet issues. She's bashed Cohen repeatedly throughout, as his "sexuality is a choice" teachings and books have been cited by Ugandan supporters of the law.

And in this corner:

The phony pyscho-physician who falsifies his fondness for females... the "ex-gay" who's in the closet to stay and says he'll make your homosexual urges go away... the camp counselor you hope you never have... RICHARD COHEN!!!

[boos, hisses]

Cohen is probably best-known for his book Coming Out Straight, in which he attributes homosexuality to "same-sex attachment disorder" which can be cured through fake treatment. He also runs the International Healing Foundation. Feel free to visit their website, but be warned: It is NSFW, unless your work is OK with you vomiting on your keyboard out of disgust.

So, let's get to it: Cohen was on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight and the two totally went at it!

[ding! ding!]

Here is the full 17 minute bout, but scroll down for just the zingers:

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Maddow comes out swinging, bashing the title of Cohen's second book, Gay Children, Straight Parents. Calling it a "homosexuality-can-be-cured-book" was perfectly demeaning, as well. Point, Maddow.

OUCH. The old use-his-words-against-him uppercut. That has got to hurt. Point, Maddow.

It's a combination! Has this guy even read his own book? Point, Maddow.

This is just getting ugly now. Point, Maddow.

OK, well, it looks like Cohen is sort of flailing here, but he's still in the match. Everyone knows liberals love tolerance. Point, Cohen.

Oh, snap: Making it personal: Apparently Rachel Maddow is "choosing to live a homosexual life" but Richard Cohen is still going to treat her with "love, respect and compassion." (No homo.) Point, Cohen.

KNOCKOUT! (After Cohen was supposedly cured of being gay, he went back and slept with dudes for three years while being married to a woman.)

Somebody stop the fight! Stop the fight! Oh god, she's going to kill him!

The new heavy weight champion of gay cable news anchors: RACHEL MADDOW!!!


Pic via Paul Schultz's Flickr