Perez Hilton (nee Toptastic, nee Mario Lavandeira) was to appear on KTLA's morning show yesterday, but his segment was canceled. KTLA said he showed up too early. Hilton called them liars. And today, Sam Rubin ripped him a new one.

Following Hilton's canceled appearance yesterday morning, differing accounts of what had transpired began to emerge. In one corner was KTLA, claiming that Hilton had showed up at the wrong time and then refused to wait around for his segment, which was scheduled for 9:20 AM PST. In the other corner, Hilton, who took to his Twitter account to accuse KTLA of lying. A screengrab of Hilton's inflammatory tweets:

Hilton's Twitter war against KTLA culminated with him demanding an on-air retraction/apology from the news station.

This morning, KTLA morning anchor Sam Rubin took to the airwaves to address the situation (as per Hilton's wishes), offering his own account of the events that led up to Hilton's canceled appearance. And, after watching the video, we think Hilton probably wishes Rubin hadn't said anything at all. In one word: Brutal. In two: AWESOMELY BRUTAL. Rubin's rant, in its full glory, below.

Four for you, Sam Rubin. And none for Perez Hilton, bye.