On one hand, Buju Banton is a raging homophobe. On the other hand, he's the best reggae artist working today. So, should he get a Grammy? If you think not, sign GLAAD's petition. But then click through.

For real, Rastas believe all types of weird shit. Bob Marley thought the Emperor of Ethiopia was basically Jesus. That's crazy! Great music though. What have we learned? People who hold psycho political beliefs can make jammin-ass music. Surprise!

I guarantee that any gay dancehall fan who heard "Boom Bye Bye" in a club, but didn't understand the lyrics, would love it, because that beat is jammin.

I once went to a Buju concert. It was jammin. Then in the middle of the show, he stopped and gave a little speech about how evil gay people are. That was crazy! It's a good thing the public does not turn to popular musicians for their political views. Right? It's a good thing that we as humans have emotionally and intellectually evolved to the point we can separate the two! Right? Right!

In this way music brings us all together, or something.