In an interview Les Moonves did today with CNBC's David Faber, the CBS honcho off-handedly described the network's decision to cancel 54-year-old soap As the World Turns. Wonder if he knows Faber's mother-in-law has worked on the show for four decades? Awkward!

CBS actually dropped the ax earlier today so by the time David Faber talked to Moonves, he'd probably already heard the show will end next September. But it was probably a call from his wife, Jenny: Jenny Faber's mother is Marie Masters, who started in the role of Dr. Susan Stewart in 1968. She left the show in 1979 only to return in 1986. She still plays the character occasionally today and even served as a writer on the show at one point.

At the end of the (boring) interview about ad spending and stupid business things, Faber couldn't help but ask about the show getting dropped (do you think he could go home tonight if he didn't?). Moonves said, "The days of the soap opera have changed very much. Guiding Light left earlier this year and As the World Turns will leave later next year. They've had long and distinguished runs and their days are over." Burn! The saddest thing is, he says it with a bit of a smirk.

Nothing like telling a guy his mother-in-law is a dinosaur on live TV. Faber didn't make much of a reaction on-air, but what he told Moonves when the cameras turned off probably depends on how he feels about his mother-in-law.