You know what else is bullshit, besides juice cleanses? The idea that wearing some ugly Reeboks with a curvy sole will give you an Ass of Steel. Bullshit. Also, cookie diets? Bullshit.

With its "Easytone," Reebok's just the latest shoe company to make these magical ugly thick-soled unstable shoes that are "designed to help give definition to your legs and butt," "toning you up as you strut." Yea, bullshit.

1. There is no such thing as "toning." Never speak this word again.
2. The New York Times has a story about these shoes today, confirming that the idea that somewhat unstable shoes will give you great muscle tone is pseudoscience. Along with your "stability balls."

But the claim that the shoes offer muscle toning is backed by a single study involving just five people, not published in a peer-reviewed academic journal...
But it remains to be seen whether such effects will make a difference over time. In a July 2008 study of instability boards and balls, Canadian researchers found that among experienced exercisers, moderate instability balls like the Bosu had little effect on muscle activation.

Oh, and diets based on eating prepackaged Diet Cookies for two meals a day? They are not so healthy. Surprising, right? Because you would think that "eat a prepackaged preservative-filled 'cookie' product for breakfast and also for lunch and then eat a light dinner, restricting yourself to a near-starvation-level daily calorie intake" would be a recipe for a lifetime of healthy living.

You can't squat with wobbly shoes and a cookie in your mouth.