Reporters everywhere are in love with "crowdsourcing," in which sources magically come to them, saving the reporters several backbreaking telephone calls. But some correspondents have gotten embarrassingly addicted to this journalistic crack cocaine. And it's time for a intervention.

We're seeking out the laziest journalists on Twitter. And, yes — irony alert! — we're open to your help. But in the meantime, we've compiled a shortlist of candidates.

Well, actually, no, we didn't so much compile it ourselves as receive it basically whole, over email, from a friendly, fed-up journalist. But we did helpfully copy and paste said tipster's examples, for your benefit, below. This is what it is called the process journalism. Anyway. On to the lazies!

Doug MacMillan (@dmac1), BusinessWeek. Tipster: "When not pimping out his recent BW 'OMG have you seen the iPhone?!' cover story from a few weeks ago, [MacMillan] has taken the time to master the 140-character source request." As you can see below, that's true, although in fairness MacMillan sometimes issues requests on behalf of other lazy reporters. A sampling of his "work:"

Priya Ganapati, Wired (@pgcat): Were the Palm Pre support forums and blogs too hard to navigate, or something?

Jessi Hempel, Fortune (@jessiwrites): Too lazy even to finish typing her full, lazy request.

Jessica Vascellaro, Wall Street Journal (@JVascellaro): At least this is for a conference thing instead of her real job.

Julia Allison, TMI Weekly (@juliaallison): Can't even come up with her own questions. (Not a journalist, you say? Newsweek begs to disagree.)

Associated Press "Climate Pool" (@AP_ClimatePool): What's? With? All? The? Questions? We'll tell you about the climate: The climate is uncertain. If you can figure out how you feel about that, maybe you can contribute to the AP's "collaborative editorial."

Gawker (@gawker): Our tipster didn't point this one out, but you've probably noticed that we, too, try to crowdsource a lot of reporting, and even speculation. Lazy! But at least our headlines are more fun?

Being lazy, we're so done surfing painstakingly around Twitter, looking for further lazy journalists. If you've been doing that, and have come up with some other names, do let us know.

(Top pic by Tony Delgrosso. What, you thought we were going to take it?)