A critic took issue with Tiger Woods' timing, of all things; a tech exec threw down against Barry Diller; and Olivia Munn gave Mr. Thunderstorm something to wet. The Twitterati were stepping to 'em.

Touré's forthcoming listicle "The Five Absolute Best Times to Cheat on Your Wife" will be published in the February 2010 edition of Esquire, along with a companion internet video, "Listen, I Didn't Really Write That, Honey, I Swear, There Must Have Been, Like, a Production Error, Or Something."

After shaming Google's CEO, Twitter's self-appointed mogul bully, Anil Dash, set his sights on IAC's Barry Diller.

You've heard of "'Fuck Me' boots?" Geek TV godess Olivia Munn has, "fuck you, rain, I'm bearing skin" boots.

Between the unwelcome headwinds and frigid homecoming, flitty Silicon Valley flack Brooke Hammerling discovered it's hard being bicoastal.

Milo Yiannopoulos gave newly-reformed teetotaler (and fellow Brit tech writer) Paul Carr some chaos for his birthday. Hopefully not that variety that stains the carpet and passes out on the couch.

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