Oh, good, Jonah Goldberg just got a million dollars to write another book. Hooray for the publishing industry!

Jonah Goldberg—who has a career of any kind solely because his mother told Linda Tripp to secretly tape conversations with a lady who gave the president a blow job, and who is generally considered to be one of the most intellectually lazy pundits of any political persuasion of all time—writes about The Simpsons for The National Review Online. His last book, Liberal Fascism, was based entirely on the fact that someone told the 40-year-old Goldberg that "Nazi" stood for "National Socialist" and then he basically stopped listening. It was a number one New York Times best-seller, because a couple thousand people will buy anything that says mean things about liberals and because the conservative publishing industry buys its own product in mass quantities in order to distribute via World Net Daily donation gifts and "book clubs."

This next book is, for now, called The Tyranny of Cliches, though one wonders how Goldberg will make it through the foreword without employing a thousand of them. (And does he know the word is French?) Also: that's a terrible title, and it will most likely be changed to The Tyranny of Barack Obama's War on America's Freedoms prior to publication. (The content of the book—an incoherent succession of Battlestar jokes, the Wikipedia entry for Mencken clumsily rewritten, and a repeated insistence that The Emperor was a liberal and Han Solo was a conservative—will not be affected.)

Top image via Wonkette