Today was the deadline for New York Times staffers to take the buyout package that was offered to everyone in October, as the paper seeks to cut 100 newsroom positions this year. The names we know, below. [UPDATED].

Here are the notable names that have reportedly decided to take the buyout. Business reporters, from Silicon Alley Insider:

DC reporters, via Michael Calderone:

Metro reporters:

UPDATE: We received this additional list of NYT buyout-takers. This list is unconfirmed, but the source is generally reliable.

  • Claiborne Ray — Deputy editor of the Obituaries desk and Q&A columnist in Science Times
  • Nancy Sharkey - Editor; see this link.
  • Andy Revkin - Science Reporter/Dot Earth. (Described as "possible," not confirmed).
  • George Kaplan — veteran national desk copy editor
  • Juliet Gorman — a top web producer
  • Mary Hardiman - Photo desk
  • G. Paul Burnett — veteran staff photographer
  • Jim Simpson - Photo editor
  • Nicole Collins — A metro editor
  • Barton Silverman - Veteran Photographer. He's still a "Possible," not confirmed.
  • Additionally, eight more copy editors from various sections, three "Admin" personnel, and a foreign desk clerk are taking buyouts, according to our source.

UPDATE 2: Tipsters sent us the following additions to the list:

  • Lonnie Schlein, veteran photo editor and photographer, current photo editor of the Travel section
  • Jack Curry, sports writer. (The word is out on Twitter here, here, and elsewhere).
  • Leslie Wayne, veteran business reporter. [Leslie emailed us: "I saw my name in your post on Gawker and wanted to let you know that I am taking the buyout. Your description is correct, I am a veteran business reporter (having been here for 29 years) and was also a campaign finance reporter during nearly every Presidential election since 1996. After leaving, I'll be the Reynolds Visiting Professor at the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University in Phoenix."]
  • From a NYT tipster: "Katherine Bouton, currently the theater and books editor in the Culture Department, previously (during 22 years with the NYT) deputy editor of the Magazine, deputy editor of the Book Review, deputy editor of Science Times, and possibly other positions that I've forgotten."
  • Carla Baranauckas, who announced her decision on Twitter.
  • Saul Hansell, a tech journalist. [Business Insider]
  • Joe Lapointe, a sports reporter who covers the New York Giants, will be leaving the paper after the Super Bowl, according to a tipster.
  • Tina Kelley, Metro reporter.
  • William S. Niederkorn, copy editor and TimesTraveler blogger.
  • Jennifer 8. Lee, Metro reporter extraordinaire.
  • Paul Tough, NYT Magazine story editor.

UPDATE 3: The buyouts should now be complete. These are the additional names we received through Thursday morning:

from news design: "Lee Frempong, Carol Bakinowski, Jose Rivera and
Caitlin Lovinger, four of our most experienced news designers and

from art production: "Miron Chu, who has been with the art department
for 41 years and Merrill Saltzman, who has been with The Times for 23

from T: The New York Times Style Magazine: Jill Santopietro and Ursula Liang

Carol Watts, assistant in news administration

Leslie Chambliss, night clerical supervisor

from the real estate desk, Terry Pristin and Fred Eliason.

Thanks to all of our tipsters. If you have more info on people taking the buyouts who are not on this list, email us. We'll update this post.