The Canadian edition of the free newspaper printed this picture of college kids frolicking in a hot tub. What they didn't notice is this guy's wang is totally hanging out. Your work will not be safe after the jump.

Torontoist pointed us in the direction of the photo, which was distributed to hapless commuters all over the northern city today. The shot depicts a group of coeds from St. Peter's college high school (whoops!) in Peterborough, Ontario, partying during their annual Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade, evidently an annual celebration of beer brand apparel.

Today's edition of Toronto Metro is available on the internet so even those of us who have the good fortune to live in America can experience the joy of spotting random johnson printed in a newspaper. To save you the bother of looking through the curling match results and a forecast of how much snow they're expecting, it is on page 12.

As Gawker's resident vagina expert this isn't really my area of expertise, but, if you ask me, that is certainly a penis. Poor guy: he went further than Levi Johnston but probably didn't even get paid. And poor photo editor at Toronto Metro. We hope he doesn't get fired. Anyone who would insert a penis into my morning commute is a personal hero.

Here's the whole thing (and it is quite a thing). Click to see it in its whole NSFW glory:

Update: Image removed because it turns out that this lad attends St. Peter's Secondary School, i.e. high school. Agh.