The funniest skit on SNL this week was a low-budget commercial advertising the worst music festival ever. Well that music festival exists in real life. And there is a heinous 14 minute YouTube video to prove it.

At times it's hard to discern the actual event from SNL's parody.

The actual event—The Gathering of the Juggalos—involves "dudes on stilts" and "ninjas juggling fire." SNL's event—The Kickspit Underground Music Festival—has "ventriloquists on stilts" and "the worst He-Man impression contest." Actually, all of that sounds quite entertaining.

Here is SNL's version:

And here is the actual version. The full 14 minute(!) version can be seen here.

The biggest disappointment is the performer Mrs. Potato Dick doesn't really exist. Believe me, I've checked.

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that The Gathering of the Juggalos 11 will be the first sanctioned Gawker.TV field trip.