Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum is A) married to a high-ranking Polish politician, and B) critical of Russia's shady government, which makes it—in the most general way—kind of alarming that her car blew up yesterday. [Update: She's okay!]

Her car blew up! That is not just a regular thing, right? From the Times UK:

Ms Applebaum, 45, author of a Pulitzer prize-winning history of the Soviet Gulag, was driving through the Jozefow suburb of Warsaw on Saturday when she heard a strange noise in her car and got out to investigate. Shortly afterwards the engine blew up. She was unharmed.

Her husband, Radoslaw Sikorski, is the Polish foreign minister and a former journalist and has notably pissed off Russia in both his writings and actions. Polish police reportedly say they think this motherfucking car explosion was a "technical problem," like, I don't know, a busted carburetor?

Still Anne Applebaum has some bodyguards with her now and we would advise her, on general principle, to come on back to America and try not to get poisoned by dioxin or shot up, as is wont to happen sometimes, although of course we know nothing and are not implying anything and would never jump to conclusions, about Russia's state-sponsored gangsterism. But: Car explosion! Damn.

[UPDATE: She is just fine!]