Two more—two more!—Tiger Tails came out this morning. Are you sure you didn't sleep with Tiger Woods? The Tiger Woods Mistress Dossier has been updated. The full list, after the jump.

1. Rachel Uchitel, The Original. Status: Previously talking. Now quiet.
2. Jamie Grubbs, The Tool Academy Alumni. Status: Talking.
3. Kalika Moquin. The One Who Won't Rat. Status: Quiet.
4. Jamie Jungers, The Fan's Fiancee. Status: Talking.
5. Cori Rist. The "Butter" Lover. Status: Quiet.
6. Mindy Lawton. The "Rag Doll" Neighbor. Status: Talking.
7. The Unnamed British TV Host. Status: Unknown.
8. The Unnamed Fourth Vegas Vixen. Status: Unknown.
9. Holly Sampson. The Porn Star. Status: Quiet, but not denying.
10. The Unnamed Orlando Cocktail Waitress. Status: Quiet, but her lawyer is talking.