Sometimes, multiple Gawker Stalker sightings create mosaic portraits of celebrities in their seemingly unobserved moments. We've got one better, today: an operative working at a Derek Jeter-frequented Starbucks in Tampa, who sees girlfriend Minka Kelly as the once-benevolent Jeter's downfall.

The Players:

Derek Jeter, New York Yankee, Sportsman of the Year.

Minka Kelly, actress who played Lyla Garrity in Friday Night Lights and was in for five seconds the movie with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt about hipsters in love with Zooey Deschanel, 500 Days of Summer. Also: Girlfriend of Derek Jeter, Sportsman of the Year.


A Starbucks in Tampa, Florida, one of several locations in the city where the Yankees off-season operations are.


Jeter and Kelly maybe hate Kate Hudson. Jeter is maybe not sexually satisfied by Kelly, who used to date John Mayer. But he did have her at each World Series game, and he did take her on a tour of St. Jetersburgh.

The Tip:

I work at a Starbucks in the Tampa Bay area. Because of our location, we get a lot of baseball players coming well as other athletes in general. I've seen and heard probably everything imaginable. I just wanted to share some observations I've made.

Derek used to be one of the nicest people to step foot in the door. He was always smiling, happy, friendly. If you messed up his order, he wouldn't bitch you out like other people would and he was a very generous tipper.

It had been awhile since I had seen him but when he was in town last week, he came in. No smile, he wasn't friendly, he didn't tip and he seemed like a different person. At first I chalked it up to a bad day. Then he came in again a few days later. Same thing. The day after that, the same thing.

The last time he came in wasn't alone. He walked in the door, plopped down at the first open table and started texting like a madman on his phone.

Minka came up to order.She looks harmless enough but when she opens her mouth? Yeah, not so much. She's rude, demanding, and has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard.

The guy in front of her orders a pumpkin spice latte. He had asked for whip. She orders one too but without. I make his. I'm putting the lid on the cup that says PSL and she yells out: "Oh my God. I said NO WHIP! Do you listen?!"

So with a sickeningly sweet smile on my face I pointed to the space above where PSL was written and said, "Is your name Frank?" She stares at me with this stupid look on her face before mumbling something unintelligible. At that point her face is all red and I can tell she's both embarrassed and pissed. Derek hasn't looked up from his phone.

When her [order] was done (no whip, people) she yanked it out of my hand and stomped to where Derek was sitting. She just stood there tapping her foot. She had one hand on a hip and was wearing some ugly, ugly boots. He got up without looking at her and walked out without holding the door for her.

Is it bad for me to admit that when the door nearly slammed her drink into her and she almost tripped - that I laughed a little?

I didn't notice her being ugly, aside from the hideous scowl she showed when she got mad. I think the problem is her outfits. I swear it looked she got dressed in the dark. Some people say she's big or thick but she seems average to me.

Tipster: awesome. We salute you. The next latte's on us. Meanwhile: Is Minka Kelly making Derek Jeter less likable?

His post-season play certainly didn't seem to be affected in a negative way. But let's forgot that he's always been known publicly as a friendly guy, and also, the tragic tale of Jessica Simpson's slam of Dallas Coyboys quarterback Tony Romo's season with her bad juju. Eva Longoria has Tony Parker on LOCKDOWN, but then again, his play's been fine. Maybe all these guys need is a good woman behind them. Or maybe they just need Catch-22 motivation to stay out of trouble and out of the house (read: postseason play) as much as humanly possible.