What's better than mocking Tiger Woods? Watching The Soup mock the reporters obsessed with the random, salacious details of the story! After the jump, watch what we think was the funniest part of tonight's episode. Also, a bonus: WENDY. WILLIAMS.

Yes, Tiger Woods is now an admitted cheetah (not of the Sklar variety). Yes, he did all sorts of random, high school things with his mistresses, like sexting. And yes, Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight is there to tell you all about it—just don't ask her to read the dirty text. Also: Access Hollywood, bringing us up to speed on Tiger and his mistress' TV watching habits. Joel McHale has fun with both, of course.

Now, a bonus video! Because, really, what would an episode of The Soup be without a Wendy Williams bit? In this clip, it becomes apparent that Wendy hasn't really looked around her set that much in two years. As NeNe Leakes would say, maybe those wigs are squeezing her brain too tightly.