If you thought you might be rid of Vinnie Chase and the boys anytime soon, think again (insert Ari Goldesque homophobic epithet here). The gang is taking it to the big screen!

After a season in which it seemed HBO's tribute to guys who like to hang out with each other and drive expensive cars had run out of varieties of awful to explore; after it seemed there were no depths of storytelling incompetence left to plunder, many entertainment lovers dared to dream that even the show's producers might be getting tired of this charade.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter's Roger Friedman, Executive Producer Marky Mark Walhberg revealed that the show has not one but two seasons left in it (we would love to know the science behind that calculation). And then he uttered the words, the words which for years now have sat lurking at the far reaches of our unconscious, the nightmare that we know lay in wait but we dared not consciously consider.

"We'll see," Walhberg said. "there could be more. But then, a movie."

A movie.

We'll just pause and let everyone take in what that year of Turtle and Piven and the "Girls of Entourage" magazine covers and Extra specials might actually feel like. There's at least two years before it becomes law; plenty of time for concerned citizens to act. The real tea party starts here.