Earlier this week, we learned how Highest Paid Man on Wall Street Hugh "Skip" McGee III ignited a culture war over a prep school pep rally. Now, the aftermath: Kinkaid school email lists overfloweth and diversity is banned.

Lest you forget: After Skip's son and other football players were banned from performing a pep rally skit that "enforced negative gender stereotypes," Skip penned an epic missive entitled "The Tipping Point," wherein he rallied the Kinkaid School's "silent majority" of overgrown dude bros and sorority sisters to fight the lesbian leftist power. Read it here.

According to multiple sources, the first person to forward Skip's letter to wide audiences was former NFL lineman Ray Childress, who, true to stereotype, came down on Skip's and the football team's side:

From: Ray Childress
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 21:50
To: [redacted]
Subject: Letter to Kinkaid Board of Directors


Skip McGee has written a wonderful and courageous letter to Kinkaid's BOD after Friday's pep rally disaster. By allowing the personal opinion of faculty members to dictate student conduct creates a disturbing precedent and, at the very least, the extent of the power should be made very clear to students and parents alike. It's a dangerous situation that needs to be addressed...and fixed. I ask each of us to echo such letter and let our view be heard in volume! [emphasis mine]

The Best!

A surprising number of parents used their work emails for forwarding Kinkaid gossip, including an oilman who wrote, "No wonder we lost, they ruined the pep rally." An associate at Bracewell & Giuliani (law firm of famed infirm Rudy) gave Childress an Amen: "Thy praises high I love to sing..."

A Kinkaid insider described the school's grim new climate to friends:

diversity at kinkaid is at a standstill. the activities that we had planned with the laramie project have been canceled including the show's preview, the talk back after, and the documentary that we had been working on. it also means that the school wide reading of the lorax by dr. seuss has been canceled because its too lefty. ... angry students are just as much of a problem as angry parents.

Among the emails to go viral in the aftermath was from the saga's young hero, Andrew Edison, the student body president whom Skip suspected of sabotaging his son. Noting that "Mr. McGee was kind enough to dedicate an entire section of his manifesto to me personally," Edison wrote:

In our junior year of English at Kinkaid, we learn about Aristotle's appeals or means of persuasion as applied to the art of argumentative writing. They are Logos (logic), Pathos (emotion), and Ethos (credibility). ... In regards to the pep rally, I understand his logic and his feelings of frustration with how the situation was handled. However, after reading through the substance of his final section entitled "Conclusion," he left me seriously questioning his ethos.... His indefensible remarks about the sexual orientation of faculty are undeniably bigoted and homophobic. The solutions that he offers... [constitute a] heinous call for a witch hunt...

Skip McGee, you got served—by an eighteen-year-old. Finally, Kinkaid's Board of Directors solved the problem the way stick-up-their-butt rich people always do: Creating a bureaucratic organization that will ultimately cede its dirty work to a paid professional.

[T]he Board of Trustees will empower a task force, comprised of parents, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and trustees, to look more deeply into the issues and criticisms that have emerged in the past ten days. The school will hire a consultant, a known professional with a reputation for objectivity and successful experience, to assist with this work.

Once we have identified and hired a consultant for this work, we will ask the consultant to read all the letters, emails, and other communication we have gathered...

Hey, I know someone qualified for this position! Kinkaid Board of Directors, you know where to reach me. Updates from Kinkaidians on the Skip McGee's Culture War of Fun and Fury Peace Process will also be welcomed with open arms.