That juicy tell-all book about the splintering Forbes family is probably by a recently departed Forbes managing editor, who has issued a tanatalizing no-comment on the matter. This is why you must be careful who you fire, media barons.

Stewart Pinkerton, said to have been pushed out the door in a coup this past spring, was asked whether he's shopping a book about how his ex-boss Steve Forbes is feuding with Forbes' brothers over the direction of their family media empire. Pinkerton certainly didn't deny that, telling Daily Finance's Jeff Bercovici,

"I've been working on a book project for the last year, but I'm not at liberty to discuss what it's about."

In other words, Pinkerton can't comment on whether his big secret book project is about the big secret at his former employer, but he wants to make sure you know he is working on a big book, which is secret so... probably, right? Connect the dots. (Bercovici lists some other people who hypothetically could have written this tell-all book, but of course they didn't, since Pinkerton did.)

(Pic via Forbes)