A tipster just spent her entire lunch hour eavesdropping on SUV-driving PR menace Lizzie Grubman and Elle magazine PR honcho (and The City star) Erin Kaplan at Meatpacking restaurant Pastis. Too bad the tip was a fake.

Can you believe that it was way back in 2005 that MTV aired PoweR Girls, the uniquely-capitaled show about her firm? Well, she wants back in the fold, and she must have lost (or pissed off) all her contacts because she is asking assistance from Erin. Wasn't it just yesterday that roving party reporter Betsey Morgenster said that Erin Kaplan is "a tan and a set of SUV keys away from being the next Lizzie Grubman." Boy, was she right.

Our tipster's account:

I was just at Pastis for lunch and saw The City's Erin Kaplan, PR maven Lizzie Grubman, and younger-looking guy all breaking bread together. Through a bit of eavesdropping (had to!), I found out that the kid is 17-years-old, does the PR for a brand called Tucker Blair, used to be Lizzie's intern, and his first name is Zach (not sure of spelling). Most of the conversation was about Lizzie's return to the reality-show world along with Zach with the help of Erin's MTV producer contacts from The City (heard [The Hills and The City creator] Adam DiVello's name getting thrown around a lot).

Very interesting indeed. Zach appears to be Zachary Weiss, who does indeed do PR for the preppy goods brand Tucker Blair. He even name dropped them in an article about luxury goods without disclosing he worked for the company. Very sneaky, Zach. He sounds like a real character. Anyone know anything else about this kid? If so, email us.

Update: Zachary Weiss himself emailed to say he runs Tucker Blair's "entire PR operation" out of Connecticut and wasn't in town today for lunch, and that he hasn't been Lizzie's intern since this summer. There is something very fishy with this whole thing...

Update 2: Erin Kaplan emailed to say she wasn't at the lunch, and we've gotten other more trustworthy accounts of Lizzie Grubman in other parts of town today. This lunch totally didn't happen. OK, now we're pissed. If we see this tipster on the street, they better watch out, because we're going to drive an SUV right over them.