Harold "Hal" Turner, pitiful racist guy with an internet radio show, is living out a fantasy by being put on trial by the Feds for advocating the murder of judges. Which is less hardcore when you consider he's a snitch.

Turner's trial started yesterday. His crime, according to the NYT: When some judges in Chicago upheld a handgun ban last summer, he put their pictures and contact info on his website and said they should be killed. Specifically, he wrote "If they are allowed to get away with this by surviving, other judges will act the same way." Which, let's admit, is kind of funny, because do you really "get away" with something just by surviving? Strict standards, Mr. Turner!

Hal was an avowed "white nationalist" and a more avowed attention hound. His show's website proclaimed, "Hal Turner is so far to the right he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal and Sean Hannity seem like a girlie-man!" He enjoyed writing things like, "Today could be the day I get to serve on a Jury. Imagine the justice I can dish-out against a Savage Negro Beast, a greasy Spic, a degenerate sodomite or, my favorite, a filty, hook-nosed KIKE."

Furthermore, Hal Turner, supernationalist racist right-wing bomb-thrower, was an FBI snitch, for years. And Turner's lawyers are now arguing that it was all an act. He was just trying to get in good with the crazies, to snitch on them! The FBI fired him as a snitch, though, because he couldn't follow orders.

Get a hobby, loser.