In the most shockingly easy item ever, this star has been diddling club hostesses and waitresses. Who could it be? Also, the return of Coke Mom and another old gem about keeping it in the family. Blind items are fun!

1. "Who's been behaving even more badly behind the scenes? This guy! He's been famous for such a long time, he's become quite the narcissist. He just doesn't think the rules of life and scandals apply to him. Everyone loves me! Nobody will believe an opportunistic cocktail waitress over me! Well, Dude, what about two cocktail waitresses, two club hosts, a couple of hookers, and a stripper or two? Oh, yes, they'll be crawling out of the woodwork now. You can't blame the media for your bad behavior. You can't shill for millions of dollars of consumer goods as the epitome of a good guy and then claim privacy when it comes to light that your good guy act is a sham. Take your lumps and quit blaming everyone else, and you'll get past this scandal a lot faster." [BlindGossip]

2. "Coke mom doesn't get to spend all that much time with her child/ren. You would think what time she does spend with her child/ren would be quality. Well, nothing like this lesson. Coke Mom has her child/ren with her last week when she decided to stop by her dealer's house and make a buy. Well, Coke Mom wanted to be a good mom so decided bringing her child/ren into the house would probably not be a good idea. So, Coke Mom left her child/ren in the car while she bought some coke, took the time to sample some and the next thing you know there is a knock at the front door and it is Coke Mom's child/ren asking to use the bathroom because it has been two hours." [CDaN]

3. "This married B List Actress (Film and Television) had a very good Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're only hearing about it now, because soon the snow is going to hit the fan so to speak, but the whole story started back last November. Our Actress was at Thanksgiving with the family when she and her brother-in-law went for a so-called ‘grocery run.' Someone claimed they had run out of something silly like pie or whipped cream and both the Actress and the Brother-in-law volunteered to run to the store to go get it. The family was preoccupied so no one noticed how long the errand took, or the fact that when the two returned, their clothes were rumpled and they were panting and red-faced. That was allegedly the first incident. The next occurred at Christmas time when the couple met up again in the bathroom of the house they were having a party at. (As a side note, we heard that one of the little nieces or nephews were outside pounding on the door the whole time.) Anyway, the story goes that this Actress and her new lover only hook-up at family parties and gatherings and they get off on the fact that no one knows. However, the brother-in-law let it slip to a friend, who told our source and we're guessing the little family secret won't be quiet for long. Oh yeah, we hear the brother-in-law is married too.

Well, it turns out this couple has managed to not let anyone important find out yet and have decided to make it a yearly tradition. Back when we posted this Blind Item we got a few legal calls that kept us from revealing it, but this time, we heard it from a second source that hinted that on Thanksgiving the two naughty in-laws had a little second helping of love right before dessert. Maybe, just maybe we'll get to reveal this one soon!" [BuzzFoto]