Tiger Woods is not the only one sexting. The Associated Press and MTV did a poll of teenagers and 'the young' to find out how much they sext. More than quarter fessed up and shared the details.

The story is mostly 'sexting is bad, don't do it kids and don't do drugs and stay in school' in its tone. Which probably makes sense in light of the trouble Woods is in. But there are some interesting factoids:

  • Young people today are rebels. They're loose-cannon cops who refuse to do things by the book, no matter what the chief says. Over half those surveyed said they didn't care that some people have faced felony charges for sending naked pictures of themselves to others. The half that did express some concern said they'd continue to do it anyway.
  • Fourteen per cent said they feared the pictures or videos they sent had been illicitly shared with others. Seventeen per cent said they had illicitly shared pictures or video they had been sent. Which is really a heartwarming tale about the undying faith of people in other people, if you think about it.
  • And somewhere in this quote is a thesis on gender roles in modern society:
  • Girls were a little more likely to send pictures of themselves. Yet boys were more likely to say that sexting is "hot," while most girls called it "slutty."