Oh, those Salahis. First they gatecrash the White House. Then they go on the teevee and say they didn't. Then it comes out they did, in fact. And now they may not accept an invitation to Congress to answer questions.

The couple's publicist, Mahogany Jones, released a statement last night that basically said SHUT UP, we already told you stuff and don't want to come. According to the Associated Press the statement says Tareq and Michaela believe "there is nothing further that they can do to assist Congress in its inquiry regarding White House protocol and certain security procedures. They therefore respectfully decline to testify."

Rosewood Smith, or whatever her name is, said that the couple didn't break any laws, and that "there were honest misunderstandings and mistakes made by all parties involved." Congress may issue subpoenas to force them to testify. The irony being that a subpoena is, of course, the ultimate invite.