Men do not have breasts. But our chests are beautiful creatures in their own right, which is probably why the man-cleavage, or heavage, is taking America by storm. We are apparently in a new "golden age of male chest hair."

Ed Westwick is doing it! So is Jude Law! And even non-celebrities are throwing caution to the wind and being as sexy as they like, damn it. But, reports the Wall Street Journal, there are dangers:

Vik Mohindra, a 27-year-old graduate student from Toronto, confesses that his guy friends sometimes tease him about his heavage. "I would not recommend it to someone who isn't confident with their body and overall sense of style," says Mr. Mohindra, who says he works out three to four days a week and has a "defined" chest.

Kick their chest-hating asses with that three-to-four-day honed physique Vik. Remind them that you are following in the tradition of Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Errol Flynn, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery and John Travolta. Perhaps, if required, discreetly point out that the number pectoral implants tripled in 2008 to around 1500. And that the style this time around is to sport thin, wispy chest hair over your fake muscles. And that no less an authority than the pornographically named Brad Wieners, editor-in-chief of Men's Journal says it's OK:

Mr. Wieners notes that for a recent cover shoot, actor Alec Baldwin donned a shirt open at the collar, subtly revealing chest hair. "He's not Burt Reynolds," says the editor. "But he's letting you know he's got a chest."

Exactly! Free the man-chest! Burn your round-necks — get a V that drops to your nuts!