The Way We Live Now: Passing strange. It's the only way to get a two decent poverty-level jobs, which you need to stay underemployed. We're still waiting to realize Martin's dream of a day when everyone is equally broke.

If you're a black American seeking a good career here, in the USA, experts say your best strategy is not "going to college." Instead, it is "Being white." That helps more than any degree! In mathematical terms, "Black man with MBA from Dartmouth" is roughly equal to "Luther, the boy who just done got out of jail for the bad check thing but that was probably the drugs done made him do it, and he's white," when it comes to hire-ability.

"Hey," some African-Americans may protest, "that is not fair." Hey, that is not the "up from the bootstraps" attitude that made Booker T. Washington one of the most beloved men in white America! It could be worse; you could be one of the many poor suckers who are working two jobs and are still underemployed, because both of those jobs happen to suck. Now that we think of it, it's likely that many of those people are, indeed, black Americans.

So, bad example.

The point is, it's all about "attitude." There is no "attitude" in "macroeconomics"—there is only "attitude" in U. Get it? So whether you get your money by bitterly auctioning off your motorized bar stool or by stealing Salvation Army kettles, just get that money—with a positive attitude!

Never let irrefutable facts stand in the way of your success.
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