About 3,500 New York sex offenders have been kicked off Facebook and MySpace after identifying their accounts under a new state law. And, go figure, like 80 percent of them were on Facebook. Even sex fiends are ditching MySpace.

Lawless, teen-heavy MySpace used to be considered the online place for pervs — Saturday Night Live even made a funny skit about it (embedded below). No more: Numbers published in the New York Daily News reveal that Facebook is the favored destination, attracting 79 percent of the registered sex offenders who declared accounts at the big social networks, versus 51 percent for MySpace. The numbers don't add up to 100 because many offenders had accounts on both networks; see the chart we made above for a different slice, or look at the precise the numerical breakdown in the image below.

The migration of these unsavories onto Facebook was inevitabe, particularly after Facebook relaxed its requirement that its members be in college or be college alumni. People want to join the social network everyone else is joining. Sex offenders are definitely no exception.

[via Wired Epicenter]