The DC couple gave their first interview on the Today Show this morning. They claim they didn't crash the State Dinner, and have never crashed anything ever. Officials — all of them — disagree. So what's the mixup?

The Salahis won't say. They just keep repeating that documents and emails that they will release at some point completely exonerate them. Here's how it went down on Today. First the Salahis came on briefly to drop their bombshell:

Then Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, laid the smackdown. "This wasn't a misunderstanding. You do not show up at the White House on a misunderstanding."

Gibbs implored Lauer to ask the Salahis directly whether they were invited. He did. And also asked about allegations that they crashed a previous event, for the Black Caucus. Here's the full interview in which the wounded Salahis describe their victimization.

In light of accusations that Michaele allegedly even crashed the Washington Redskins cheerleading team, this may ring a little hollow.