Sources say disgraced Republican financier Tim Durham (pictured, as the mad hatter) hangs out with perpetual parasite Kato Kaelin (in the flight suit), targeted the Amish and keeps a room in his mansion for Ludacris.

Kaelin was famous for being a guest of OJ Simpson's when the latter did not stab his ex-wife. He now seems to have moved to leeching from Durham, an equally pleasant character. Last week the obnoxious big-spender's offices were raided by the FBI. Pictures of the raid's aftermath can be found here, along with one of a notice that disingenuously just says Fair Financial, Durham's company, is closed for the holidays.

That's consistent with what Durham is telling friends and family. One tipster, who was at the Durham household for Thanksgiving, said Durham was always on the phone and just said he was "handling business." The tipster, who says he thought Durham was a billionaire from the way he spent and talked, took a look at the fat-faced financier's car collection too - which he boasted was worth over $4m. It includes a Rolls Royce Phantom convertible, an Aston Martin, a Ford GT40, a Bentley, an AMG Mercedes "and of course his Bugatti." Of course. The wonderfully nosey source also noticed that Ludacris has his own room in Durham's mansion. There is no word yet on how often Luda is there, but he should make the most of it while he can. The FBI has moved to seize the house.

A second source pointed out that Fair Financial had recently taken to targeting elderly Amish and Mennonite people. Who knows what kinds of investments they're after — perhaps shire horse derivatives — but here's a picture the tipster took of the new Fair Financial offices in Millersburg of a notice in the window of another office announcing a new location in Millersburg, in the heart of Amish country.

Durham may soon have a line of carts outside his door, if allegations of a Ponzi scheme are to be believed. If a woman we hear is his "right hand lady," Shannon Frantz, deals with those irate investors, we hope she's wearing more than this (very NSFW).