The man behind wants to buy Maxim for $40m and is convinced he can turn the ailing magazine around using the internets. If the owners don't sell, says Andrew Fox, they will DIE.

He means in a business sense, obviously. Page Six report that Fox has been talking with Cerberus Management, the private equity firm that owns most of the magazine, since August, but they keep stalling. Fox feels very strongly about Maxim apparently, and this upsets him.

My vision is to make Maxim the must-have again, using event production, Web site development, e-commerce and digital marketing and online programming. I am trying to take a strong brand and give it legs for the future. I would take the magazine and all its digital properties and make it into a $300 million business again.

Revolutionary. He would not comment on whether he plans to kill the print version and go fully online. Which means he probably plans to kill the print version and go fully online. If Cerberus' new interim CEO Paul Miller does not meet him, says Fox, he predicts the magazine will be dead by March.