Media columnist David Carr just Twittered a caption for his latest filing, a media death knell with a bright-eyed ending, summoning the title of Joan Didion's famous essay about leaving her New York experience behind. Is the comparison merited?

That carnage has left behind an island of misfit toys, trains whose cabooses have square wheels and bird fish who are trying to swim in thin air. The skills that once commanded $4 for every shiny word are far less valuable at a time when the supply of both editorial and advertising content more or less doubles every year...Those of us who covered media were told for years that the sky was falling, and nothing happened. And then it did.

Yes. Exactly. And the rest of it's just as solid. As for Carr's idealistic kicker?

New York is not an island sinking, but one that is rising on a fresh, ferocious wave.

Here's hoping.