Congratulations, celebrity-industrial complex, it looks like you've sucked another relatively defenseless human into your boom-and-bust cycle of fame, crash, rehab, and relapse. And who can blame her.

Susan Boyle, who underwent a mental health hospitalization after narrowly losing Britain's Got Talent, is back in action and on the verge of another nervous collapse, if the Daily Mail and some peculiar photos are to be believed.

The 48-year-old had been enjoying lunch with fans at the Rock Centre cafe in New York's Rockefeller Centre.

But she appeared increasingly withdrawn and started to tremble and suck her thumb. Then, visibly overcome with emotion, she bowed her head and began to sob.

Perhaps realising she was crying in front of hundred of fans—and the cameras—Susan quickly snapped out of it and performed a lively dance.

A spokesman for Miss Boyle said: 'She was just overjoyed and extremely touched with the reception she had had from everyone in America.'

So "overjoyed" that she regressed into a childlike state, then performed what may well have been the most tragic cry-for-help survival dance ever to grace New York? (We'd have to do a side-by-side comparison with Ashlee Simpson's post-lip sync SNL hoe down to be sure.)

Susan's debut album is already the biggest advance seller in history, and is on track to leave the year's current U.S. debut-week bestseller—Eminem's appropriately named Relapse—in the dust. The Mirror reports that Boyle is going to take a break: The album is already selling like crazy, and she really doesn't need to promote it any further. She's made enough money to provide a comfortable life for herself and Pebbles, to lavish her loved ones, and to finance as many trips to the local karaoke bar as her heart desires. Break free while you still can, Susan! Before Lohanian death spiral sucks you in for good.

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