Thanks to our sexy sister Jezebel, we were shown the most ridiculous sidebar doodad to ever run in a gossip glossy in their Midweek Madness magazine roundup. Life&Style is now judging how stars look based on their courtroom drawings.

The celebrity well has run so dry that we are now stuck doing this? Would the editors of this mag ask, "Is Angelina Jolie scary skinny because of this drawing? Should we be worried about her weight?" No, we fucking shouldn't because it's a really bad drawing! But seriously, here we are comparing a doodle of Nicole Ritchie with a sketch of Paris Hilton and Amy Winehouse. While we're at it, why don't we talk about how Smurfette never changes her outfit, how Dora the Explorer is looking a little tubby or the diet Wonder Woman used to get back in shape. We wish we had the print edition of this magazine so we could throw it across the room.