"I'm not a babysitter. I'm a performer," explained Lambert on CBS's The Early Show. He said he got "carried away" but did not apologize for his racy kissing and blowjob-simulating antics. "I think it's because I'm a gay male."

An eloquent Lambert said, in an interview somewhat ham-fistedly captioned 'Straight Talk' that the moves had not been part of the rehearsal of the performance and "kind of came from a more impromptu place. ABC was taken a little by surprise." He added that he does see how people got offended, but that his theater background meant that he didn't consider children watching at home. "I'm programmed to see who's in the live audience," he said. "If it had been a female performer doing those things up on the stage I don't think there would be nearly as much outrage." He pointed out that Eminem had boasted of 17 rapes, and that Janet Jackson had grabbed the crotch of one of her dancers, to little comment.

And then came the apology to America moment: "If you had it to do over would you do anything differently?" asked Maggie Rodriguez. "I would sing it a little better."

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