According to the doublespeak-named Americans for Legal Immigration (which means something more like 'Americans against them swarthy fellas') 3514 people have pledged to support the Dobbs at — and activity has gone up since he quit his show.

The extremely excited immigrant-suspecters explain their love for Dobbs thus, in a press release:

...his show was one of the few national media shows that continued to broadcast accurate information about illegal immigration and America's broken borders

The organization aims to raise over $1m by the end of the year, and will consider turning pledges to the political action committee over for a Senate campaign too. A spokesman ended a press release on the topic looking towards the future. Except for his choice of media on which to present Dobbs with their immigrant-bashing achievements:

I look forward to a day when I can hand Lou Dobbs a maximum donation from our PAC, a maximum donation from my family, and a CD Rom disk with a list of donors and our URL for his campaign.