The President has, to the chagrin of many, abandoned the basketball court for the links. He plays furtively, say the Wall Street Journal, because he's no Tiger Woods.

In fact that's putting it mildly. It's lucky Obama is not given to fits of self-doubt, because the Journal have essentially put together a hit job on one man's efforts to hit a small ball into a small hole across some fields. They point out that the press and public are banned from courses on which he plays. So they collect savage quotes from a golf pro on his swing:

Eh, not so much."

From his senior staff:

His score is a matter of "national security," deflects David Axelrod, political adviser to the First Duffer.

And from people who've shared courses with him (and the group of discreet friends and close aides he plays with):

...watching them play one hole in the time it took our foursome to play 3 was painful. The only thing stopping us from telling them to pick it up was the incredibly large security detail he had with him.

The article does point out that unlike Bill Clinton, Obama doesn't bend the rules so he can win. Which is something.