Based on the trailers and posters, A Single Man, the first film from former Gucci designer Tom Ford, looks amazing. It also looks like a straight love story. Why is he misleading the audience about this piece of queer cinema?

Both the new poster, seen above, and the old one, seen here, feature stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. The first poster especially makes it look like the two are in bed together. Even the trailers show the pair making out. This is interesting because the movie is about George (Firth) a gay man who is trying to put his life back together in the early '60s after the death of his gay lover. Moore plays Charley, his best friend and fag hag.

Ford not only directed the movie but also adapted the screenplay from the novel by the very gay Christopher Isherwood and financed the whole thing himself. He's had his hand in every decision made about the movie (can't you tell by the posters, which use the same font as his Tom Ford labels?). So, why is he trying to degay it now?

For your consideration, below are the two trailers for the movie. The first was released in September and includes a smooch between Firth and Moore, but also Firth and another man. This says to the audience, "Faggotry ahead!"

The second one is the "official trailer" which is essentially the same, but has a few images edited out, including the one of the two men together. Moore, whose role is actually relatively small, is all over the trailer and kissing the protagonist. So, just what is Ford trying to do here? He knows he has the gay audience sewn up (he could direct a dog taking a turd and the fashion gays would give him their $12.50) so he must be courting the straight Mad Men watchers with his stylish drama of sexy lives in the early '60s. But would they care if they knew this was a gay movie? Or will they feel deceived when they show up and find out it isn't a love story?

And who really cares about either. A Single Man is this year's Brokeback Mountain—a stylishly filmed gay movie with tons of good reviews, tons of advanced buzz, and high Oscar hopes. Since Ang Lee busted down the doors for the pink prestige picture, why is Ford headed back for the celluloid closet?