Here's your first peek at the Levi Johnston photo spread that just went up on [NSFW]. There's 20 photos in all and, as we said none show the whole package, so to speak. One more picture inside.

This is the first set of photos that the magazine is releasing on their website. All but six are in black and white and several show his bare bum, but none show what is in front, though he is posed in a shower obscuring his famous baby maker with a towel. It's all very classic beefcake, with a handful of shots on a Manhattan rooftop, and the rest in all wet and wild in the shower. He looks very sexy, though his body doesn't look as worked out as you might think, especially after all the hype about the time he's been spending in the gym. More pictures to come next week. We can't wait to hear what Sarah Palin has to say about this over the weekend.