Quick, get to a TV! General Hospital starts at 3pm and you don't want to miss a minute of Hollywood A-lister James Franco's historic role on the show. Here's a little bit of context so you won't be totally lost.

On the ABC soap, Franco plays Franco (how meta!) an artist who has come to the fictional town of Port Charles, New York, where the show takes place, for a gallery exhibit. For an upstate town that no one has ever heard of, Port Charles is pretty cosmopolitan. Not only is there the hospital of the title, but they have their own university and art galleries. They are also overrun with gang violence and really, really sexy mobsters.

Somehow, Franco got photos of the dead body of Claudia Corinthos, ex-wife of mob boss Sonny Corinthos (pictured here), and is using the pictures to blackmail his enforcer, Jason Morgan. See, Claudia was involved in the shooting of Michael, Sonny's son. When Sonny found out, he shamed her in front of the whole town. She went crazy and took pregnant lady Carly (also Sonny's ex-wife) hostage. When trying to escape, Carly got free and went into the woods and had her baby in a cabin. Claudia found her and the baby, but before she could do anything, Michael showed up and killed her.

Following this? Good. So, Michael calls Jason (pictured here), who is also Carly's best friend, and he shows up and burns the cabin and hides the body trying to cover up the murder.

Also, Franco might have some role in the ongoing feud between Sonny and Jason and fellow mob boss Joey Limbo. After a meeting between the two parties there is a shoot out that Franco witnesses. What will Franco do with the information? Will he expose the murder? Will Franco bring the mob to an end? And who is the sexy lady that is getting it on with Franco? Will we all love James Franco even more for doing this? Tune in to find out. Dun-dun-dun!

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