Viewers of the Rachel Maddow Show must have spit Chai latte all over their low emission plasma TVs when they spied an ad for Going Rogue nestled betwixt Maddow's liberal rantings tonight. Take a look!

(Ads for Ritz Crackers, Men's Warehouse and Swiffer skipped to spare viewers)

The magazine that you get if you pay $4.95 for Palin's book is Newsmax, which is basically the Highlights of conservative news magazines. (Front page of the Newsmax website right now: "Sarah Palin Tells Sean Hannity: 'I Read Newsmax'".) Very convenient how the ad segues directly to a spot explaining how to contact Maddow so that everyone can call her up and yell at her for being a big fat hypocrite.

This would not be such a big deal if Maddow hadn't just yesterday given former McCain aide Nicole Wallace a platform to, basically, destroy Palin with words, then did her best tonight to make fun of Going Rogue with Kent "Loathsome" Jones. Not to mention the many other times Maddow has trashed Palin. Rightfully, of course! We criticize because we care.

(Or maybe that the ad was for all the conservative who watch Maddow's show for the same angry thrill we Libs get from watching Bill O'Reilly clips on YouTube?)