"Maybe the McCain aides would have been better served trying to get McCain's positive message out and less time clustering away e-mails like squirrels before winter," said Palin aide Jason Recher of campaign leaks that disprove 'facts' in the book.

Palin talks about her plucky, small-town, woman-of-the-people, maverick goin' rogue against the campaign strategy the grown-ups had made. Marc Ambinder, in the Atlantic, has got hold of a bunch of emails, and interviewed those oh-so-chatty former campaign staff and found the truth to be... different.

As the campaign came to a climax in October, Palin isolated herself from headquarters, refusing to communicate with them directly. Her staff, suspicious that McCain's retinue of lieutenants were trying to sabotage Palin simply because she was Palin, began to skirmish with McCain's staff, bollixing up carefully planned events.

An anonymous email Ambinder runs is more succint: it says that Palin "fucks everything up" Recher counters that "this anonymousness... is not in the John McCain spirit." In short: he's not angry, he's just disappointed.