Have you been wondering what "Lanny F." has been up to since he starred in the infomercial for the butt-odor-removing product Aspray? Fortunately for you, he has emailed us.

Lanny Fuettere emailed out of the blue to say he's amazed at all the attention the instant-classic infomercial's been getting. So, Lanny, any more work recently?

Not of late. The entire industry has fallen on bad times. Used to do HSN, QVC Guest Hosting....always did 35-40 + shoots a year. Voice-over work was also a God-send. Now....only 4 shoots this year & no VO work. Did a film, but it's only going to Sundance. No distribution. AND....I reside in Land O'Lakes, FL right now. Bummer!

We shot that bit at a house on the inter-coastal waterway in St. Pete Beach, FL. About a half day. The Front man did that on green screen in-studio.

I was handing the guy a tool and positioned myself so that I would have to cross his hind-quarters...(the green stuff was added in post...of course.) It was my idea to go for the sink to 'puke'. The truck bit was in the driveway....I originally open that piece with; ".....can I say BUTT on TV?......". We decided it was too much....I added the +my my my butt" as an after thought. That's what we're really paid to do.....'bring something else to the camera'. It worked...and it's kinda funny to some people. And, no, I do not speak in that manner.

Hey......visit my web site....OK? www.lannyfuettere.com

I appreciate your getting back to me. Have a GREAT day!


Good luck with everything, Lanny.

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