Going Rogue is out today! The Washington Post have put together a cursory index that includes Hasselbeck, Elizabeth:"bold and talented," and Lieberman, Joe: a "bright spot" in the campaign. They also reveal who Palin calls when naked and soapy.

When George W Bush locks his office door, lowers the lights, puts on some Barry White, paints his nails and settles down for some one-to-one time with himself you can bet the following image will feature heavily:

Warren, Rick: Palin spoke with (and prayed with) the renowned pastor over the phone while taking a shower

Chris Cillizza also reveals that Palin's political action committee is using the book as an excuse to fundraise, adding to speculation that we'll see this hideous human being, who believes that the end of days will come in her lifetime, huntin', shootin' and a winkin' her way along the campaign trail in 2012.

Our only hope now is that Levi Johnston reveals more filth about Palin in his book than was in his Playgirl shoot.