Unless you watch The City, you may not recognize Erin Kaplan's name. And if you do watch The City, you may not immediately recognize Erin Kaplan's face — she has several, and she likes to make them. A lot.

At 26, Erin is Elle magazine's youngest publicity director ever. And, judging from the show, she seems like a smart, ambitious woman who takes her job pretty seriously. Unfortunately, her no-nonsense attitude often pits her against co-star and co-worker/Elle newbie, Olivia Palermo. Actually, that's putting it mildly. Let's be honest: Erin can't stand her. Which is great, because MTV loves to exaggerate this kind of drama by using as many over-the-top reaction shots as possible, context be damned.

But wow, did they hit a goldmine with Erin, who has become the reigning queen of hateful side glances. She really only has like four basic facial expressions, but they're each awesome and she uses them like 20 times per episode, so I put together this video mashup of her best ones.

  • Disgusted Stink-Eye Glare: Usually performed from behind her computer or somewhere unobservable by Olivia, the Disgusted Stink-Eye Glare is one of Erin's trademark faces. Her lip curls, her brow furrows, and her eyelids do this weird halfway drop thing. Clearly, she's either secretly plotting Olivia's murder or stoned.

  • Smirk of Supreme Smugness: This one is rare and only appears when Olivia either royally fucks up or gets seriously dressed down. Usually, Erin's smirk is premature. She expects Joe Zee (or someone, anyone) to reprimand Olivia for a job poorly done, but they never do, and so Erin's grin quickly turns into the…

  • Chipmunk Sigh of Exasperation: Watch, as Erin draws a deep breath; her throat tightens, her lips purse, her cheeks draw inward and her shoulders heave. Is she annoyed or just trying to swallow an acorn?

  • Eye Rolls of Boredom, Confusion, and Incredulity: Erin's secret weapon. The Kaplan Eye Roll is a versatile and effective tool, which our hero Erin masterfully wields in her never-ending quest to thwart the Evil Princess Palermo and her plans to conquer the Kingdom of Elle Magazine.