In our meritorious Monday media column: Judd Apatow questions Ken Auletta's wit, a reporter tries to pretend he is not a vicious murderer, Americans are cheap bastards when it comes to news, and all you need to know about Playboy.

Ha, New Yorker media man Ken Auletta moderated some panel about "The Future of Funny," which of course sounds the opposite of funny, but it turned out to be funny mostly because of Judd Apatow mocking Ken Auletta's questions. Be warned: Anything about funny things should be funny or it will be made funny at the expense of the least funny person. And that person will inevitably be you.

Houston Chronicle reporter Moises Mendoza: "I'm not on death row. Stop with the e-mails, the dirty looks and the questions. I'm not Moises Sandoval Mendoza. I'm a different Moises Mendoza - a law-abiding one." Yea right, Mendoza. Google don't lie.

About half of cheap-ass Americans say they're willing to pay for online news content, and those who would pay said they're only willing to pay an average of $3 a month. This means that half of America will soon stop reading newspapers online, and the other half will pay just enough to ensure newspapers go broke.

"Is Playboy's Print Future In Jeopardy?" Yes.