Why did Enrique Iglesias' handlers ditch this gem of a music video, featuring a naked Enrique cavorting with a stripper who dances around a pole that extends from between his legs? Can't they see this is art?

The video for Iglesias' cover of Springsteen's Sad Eyes randomly surfaced on David LaChapelle's website (I told you: art!) and has begun to make the rounds on quasi-pornographic fansites, where the response has generally been somewhere between "OMG HOT" and "wtf, is that a stripper pole where his penis should be?"

Iglesias' fantasy begins with a Britney Spears-esque ode to the loneliness of fame: Enrique watches a video of himself performing, then flips channels to a phone sex ad. He is drawn, in a sexy trance, toward the glowing screen which he proceeds to make mouth-love to. Frustrated by the lack of stripper-pole-sized holes in his television, he drives around town looking for prostitutes and finds sex ad lady (played by porn star Cassidey, says Tabloid Prodigy), who is a sad-but-charismatic whore who comes to Enrique's home and twirls about the 10-foot pole that stands erect between his legs. But wait! Was it all a dream? We cut to the image of a possibly-jacking-off Enrique alone in bed with a nudie mag. All in all: an indisputable cinematic triumph for the son of Julio Iglesias, rife with pathos and cleavage.